The March, 2014 issue of The Globe, the newsletter for the International and Immigration Law Section of the Illinois State Bar Association, which is edited by Lewis F. Matuszewich, has been published.  The articles include:

  • Editor’s comments
    An introduction to the issue from Editor Lew Matuszewich.
  • Inter-country adoptions and surrogacy: Cautionary tales
    Attorneys practicing in this field should be cognizant of the dangers and the pitfalls associated with intercountry adoption, making sure they perform their due diligence regarding all parties and issues involved.
  • Employers sanctioned for failure to correctly complete I-9 forms
    Two recent cases teach that the seemingly mundane task of verifying identity and work authorization on Form I-9 is serious business.
  • Inter-country adoptions and surrogacy: Cautionary tales, Part II
    Despite the obstacles that adoptive parents can face, international adoption is still a viable alternative for those seeking to adopt and if done correctly can create a loving and lasting family.
  • Press release
    Sign up now for the 9th Annual Silk Road Conference to be held May 16th in Chicago.
  • Recent cases
    Cases of interest to international & immigration law practitioners.
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