The July, 2019 issue of The Globe, the newsletter for the International and Immigration Law Section of the Illinois State Bar Association, which is edited by Lewis F. Matuszewich, has been published.  The articles include:

  • Editor’s comments
    An introduction to the issue by Lewis F. Matuszewich.
  • Most of the people from Central America entering and seeking asylum in the United States will not be successful
    Research shows the ultimate granting of asylum in the United States for people currently fleeing from the Central American countries appears to be the exception rather than the norm.
  • Canadian court deems Uber arbitration clause invalid
    In early January, a Canadian appellate court declared the arbitration clause for Uber drivers invalid.
  • Tips from an international family lawyer
    Insights, protocols, and lessons learned from one attorney’s international practice.
  • The Germanic system of justice: Learning about an approach focused on human dignity
    An overview of Germany’s approach to juvenile justice and how it compares to Illinois’.
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