The December, 2015 issue of The Globe, the newsletter for the International and Immigration Law Section of the Illinois State Bar Association, which is edited by Lewis F. Matuszewich, has been published.

  • Editor’s comments
    An introduction to the issue from Editor Lew Matuszewich.
  • New STEM OPT extension rules to extend the program have been proposed
    The proposed rules preview changes to the practical training guidelines for foreign students who are currently studying or have completed studies in the academic areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in the U.S. and elect to work to enhance their knowledge in a STEM field.
  • Sometimes employer may lawfully ask for additional documents after internal I-9 audit
    How to advise a client following an internal audit of the client’s Forms I-9.
  • Undocumented, documented, or citizen?
    This article maintains that the status of a non-citizen in the United States is not relevant and argues that such determination requires factual, statutory, regulatory, and case analysis, and requires expert opinion.
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