The April, 2016 issue of The Globe, the newsletter for the International and Immigration Law Section of the Illinois State Bar Association, which is edited by Lewis F. Matuszewich, has been published.  The articles include:

  • Editor’s comments An introduction to the issue from Editor Lew Matuszewich.
  • Message from the Chair A message from Section Chair Tejas Shah.
  • Child abuse: Is it a removable offense? Condoning excessive corporal punishment is not acceptable. The problem is, how do our laws—and which ones, federal or state statutes—tell us when such discipline or abuse abrogates the line in the area of immigration law?
  • Updates in Swiss business law A look at the significant changes in Swiss business law between July 1, 2015 and February 1, 2016.
  • The Montreal Convention governs all claims on board an international flight—Even complaints about passengers who refuse to turn off their cell phones Lawyers engaged in any litigation involving international flights should remember that the Montreal Convention is the exclusive remedy for any claims arising during an international flight or in the process of embarking or disembarking an international flight.
  • DHS publishes new STEM OPT Rule with effective date of May 10, 2016 This new rule makes far-reaching changes to the existing program and contains both opportunities and responsibilities for U.S. employers that employ recent foreign national graduates.
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