The Honorable Russell W. Hartigan, incoming President of the Illinois State Bar Association has reappointed Natalie L. Pesin to both the Local Government Law Section Council and the International and Immigration Law Section Council of the ISBA. The mission of the ISBA Local Government Law Section is:

“To enhance the knowledge and professional capabilities of lawyers who devote time to the practice of the law relating to units of local government;

to disseminate information and comment on legislative and judicial developments and their impact on units of local government; to make recommendations on legislation; and

to develop and communicate ideas to improve the functioning of units of local government.”

The mission of the ISBA International and Immigration Law Section is:

“to improve the knowledge and skill of Illinois attorneys in the fields of international business law and immigration law and to inform the general public about these growing areas;

to raise the awareness of section members about the legal and political issues of international law, both public and private;

to raise the consciousness of Illinois lawyers representing the foreign born in general legal matters;

to publish newsletters and sponsor seminars and conferences in furtherance of these goals.”

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