Client was stopped for allegedly driving above the speed limit on the interstate. As usual, the officer asked to see her insurance card. She told the officer that the insurance information was on her cell phone and offered to show him the information on the phone. 

The officer said that was not adequate and issued a second citation, this for not having proof of insurance. 

The State of Illinois has a requirement that every operator of a motor vehicle must carry their insurance card as proof of coverage. Effective August, 2013, under Illinois law, you can display your proof of insurance on your cellular phone or other type of electronic device. 

The use of your cellular phone or other type of electronic device to display your proof of insurance is not giving consent to the law enforcement officer to search or access your electronic device for any other purpose. Your insurance carrier can continue to provide you proof of insurance in printed form, or electronically.

However, you should be aware that to display your electronic insurance information, you must present the proof of insurance into the hands of the law enforcement officer. This means that you must physically hand your phone to the officer if the officer requests.

Once the officer has noted the appropriate information, the officer is to return the phone to you in the same way that he would return to you your insurance card.

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