Offices in

Crystal Lake, Illinois



Corporate/Business Law: Website:
Airistar Technologies, LLC
Amy Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, Inc., d/b/a Amy Home Services
Supreme Manufacturing Company, d/b/a C&L Supreme
Konnectronix, Inc.
Trade Resources, Ltd.
Vanguard Products Group, Inc.
Local Government: Website:
Algonquin Township
Algonquin Township Road District
Barrington Township
Chemung Township Road District
Marengo Township
McHenry County Highway Commissioner’s Association
New Trier Township
Northern Illinois Township Highway Commissioner’s Association (NITHCA)
Riverside Township
Village of Greenwood, Illinois
Village of Trout Valley, Illinois
Weller Creek Drainage District

Main Office

  • Matuszewich & Kelly, LLP
    101 North Virginia Street, Suite 150
    Crystal Lake, IL, 60014
  • 815-459-3120
  • 815-459-3123